Articles by Others

These articles have been collected by a variety of chiropractic authors. They are presented as a starting off point for you to expand your mind about chiropractic.  They are written to stimulate your thoughts about chiropractic and chiropractors. Since these articles are not written by me, they contain the chiropractic opinion of the author. Like any data on the internet, you should verify it against your own common sense, and other sources. If there is anything you might think is advice in them, make sure to ask your doctor before following it, in case it is not accurate. That being said, feel free to explore!

Drug Trial Gone Haywire in London - Uma

AMA Lawsuit - Uma

A Bit More - DK

Bones Of The Back - Uma

Brain Stem - Uma

What Are Nerves - Uma'

Real Yoga From India

Review of Dr. Toms Website by Uma

Review of Dr. Johns Website by Uma

Atoms by Ritu

Cells by Ritu

Daniel David Palmer by Ritu

Daniel David Palmer by Uma

Dolphin II Massage Chair

Molecules by Ritu

Protons Neutrons and Electrons by Uma

Review of What You Need To Know by Ritu

San Diego by Uma

What You Need To Know Review by Uma

Chiropractic by Seilesh


Blood Circulation by Seilesh

The Skeletal System by Seilesh

Back Pain by Seilesh

Healthy Posture by Seilesh

La Jolla Chiropractic

La Jolla Chiropractor

Neck and Shoulder Pain by Seilesh

Feet and Health by Seilesh

Nasal Cups by Uma

San Diego Chiropractor

Medical Professors' Opinions

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