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Review of Dr. John Himinkool’s website

San Diego’s Chiropractor Dr. John Himinkool, D.C. is located in Convoy Street, San Diego.

Dr. Himinkool has allotted a good part of his website to educating the reader on the basic thought behind chiropractic. He explains how chiropractic is safer than surgery and painkillers in the long run. He has also added the qualifications a person needs to work as a chiropractor. This is very useful information, as it helps readers to decide which chiropractic is dependable.

An interesting feature of this website is the quick test it gives on the front page. The test lists a number of conditions like back pain, painful joints, headache, stiffness of neck or other body parts, nervousness and circulatory problems. If you have one or more than one of these conditions, you would do well to go for a chiropractic check up.

On your first visit, Dr. Himinkool gives all the time to learning your health history. He will go through information like past surgery, serious illnesses in the past and also any events in the past that could have caused the current problem. His check up includes thorough examination from the neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic angles. He will also test your reflexes and muscle strength before developing a treatment program for you.

- Uma

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