Feet and Health by Seilish

Feet and Health by Seilish

The feet are probably the most overworked part of our body. They must bear the weight of the entire body, and must help you run, jump, twist, dance, walk and do a hundred other things. The feet are made of bones of various shapes and sizes, muscles, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels. Since all the complex actions performed by the feet require a high order of coordination between these components, any loss of coordination can cause problems like sprains, torn or injured tendons, muscle pull and many other disorders.

Causes of Foot Problems

When there is a problem with the foot, the symptoms range from pain to loss of function. Pain in the feet can be the result of anything from badly fitting shoes to accidents and injuries. And since feet are the most neglected part of the human body, it is no surprise that problems with the feet tend to go unnoticed till it has reached breaking point.

People who have very active lifestyles, older people, overweight people and those suffering from other illnesses like diabetes and rheumatism are especially prone to foot problems. Waiters and people in similar jobs, that need standing for long hours, are susceptible to it. Another major cause of pain in the feet is flat feet, or what healthcare experts call “over pronation”. Those with over pronated feet must use up twice as much energy to walk as those with normal arched heels.

Feet and Health

Problems with the feet can cause ailments in other parts of the body as well. Pain in the foot or impaired functioning of the foot makes a person change his style of walking. This in turn puts pressure on the spine, hips and upper part of the legs. This leads to lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and other problems. But the worst is the immobility suffered by the patient who cannot walk, run or do the things he or she used to.

Feet and Chiropractic

A chiropractor heals problems like shoulder and neck pain, spinal malfunctioning and other disorders that are caused by foot problems. The chiropractor will examine the patient’s posture, way of walking, medical history and the foot to come up with a mode of treatment.

Chiropractic therapists use many methods to relieve the stress and pain of the feet, and improve the general health of the body.

Once the underlying problem is detected, the chiropractor starts adjustment of the bones and muscles in the foot. Once the alignment is in place, the pain of the feet subsides, and the foot regains full functioning. When the feet are fully functioning, the person’s posture and gait too improves. This in turn lifts the pressure from the other parts of the body like back, pelvic area and legs.  

So we see that by a simple chiropractic treatment of the problems of the feet, health of the entire body is restored.

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