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Of San Diego chiropractic offices, we feel our chiropractor is the best. We have helped people heal up from every possible problem you can imagine. Dr. David Klein was the first San Diego Chiropractor to be on staff at UCSD school of medicine and as far as we know was only the second chiropractor ever to be on staff at any medical school. We are a small, extremely busy office, that has as its purpose to help as many people as possible to become healthy through chiropractic without drugs or surgery.

We do painless gentle techniques that get the job done. We do not do "new age therapies" or try to sell you products. We do one thing better than any other office in San Diego county, and that is chiropractic. Read further in the web site for more about the techniques we use.

We are in the south end of La Jolla, two blocks up from the ocean in the Bird Rock neighborhood.

The exact address is
Seaside Chiropractic
5668 La Jolla Blvd.
La Jolla CA, 92037

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Biography of Dr. David Klein

Even before opening his San Diego chiropractic office, Dr. Klein had a varied and interesting life. The self discovery of chiropractic came to him long before the idea of a San Diego chiropractic office even came into existence. Due to childhood injuries, and a life of aggressive sports, Dr. Klein suffered many injuries. These injuries were never treated with chiropractic, and as a result Dr. Klein suffered with debilitating migraines, neck pain, and asthma which all later went away after receiving chiropractic.

Dr. Klein as a child began self study about many fields that would later help him in his deep understanding of chiropractic and how to make what I consider to be the best San Diego chiropractic office in existence. As a child he would have his mother drop him off on the weekends at the library, where he would study subjects such as subnuclear physics and logic unbelievably even as an early elementary student.

Dr. Klein excelled in school as a student when it was new and challenging, but as he entered Junior High and High school, he became bored with the teaching methods, and materials, and became more engrossed in his own studies of man, machines and science outside of school.

Dr. Klein excelled at Skateboarding, and was heavily involved in vertical skating in its formative years, rubbing elbows with those who would become its later leaders. He was even in San Diego in those days for the opening week of the Carlsbad skatepark, the first skatepark in the world. Needless to say, many of the falls he endured later would motivate him to understand chiropractic to help himself and others in his San Diego chiropractic office.

Dr. Klein's skateboarding interest led him into surfing, where by the age of 17 he was spending more time surfing than in school, but still reading voluminously on all subjects especially to understand man, and the religions of man.

By the age of 17 Dr. Klein had grown very dissatisfied with school, and felt that the public school system was holding him back. As a result he took the S.A.T. exam, and took the High School proficiency exam and left high school at the end of 11th grade.

He then started at California State University Northridge, where he began studies specializing in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, with an emphasis and Logic, and computer programming. This was still in the early days of computers, where entries had to be made using cards with holes in them, rather than using a keyboard. The computers were so big, that entire rooms or buildings were required to hold them.

While in college Dr. Klein worked at a Swim school that was probably the most advanced swim school in the world, called the Swain Swim school which served the royalty of Hollywood and their children.

Dr. Klein ended up emphasizing in Exercise Science before leaving CSUN to head to Palmer Chiropractic college, long before he ended up in San Diego.

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Dr. David Klein
Seaside Chiropractic

5668 La Jolla Blvd.
La Jolla, California

Phone 858-459-3132

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