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- Super Gentle!
- Highly Accurate!
- Finds Stuck Bones!
- Fixes Them!

This is a picture of our new chiropractic Robot in Action. It is the most amazingly gentle and effective adjustment that the field of chiropractic has ever seen. The thing cost me a small fortune, but for you to be treated by it costs a fraction of what I paid.

The robot does this by pushing on the bone, and feeling if it is stuck. If the machine finds the bone is stuck, and the doctor agrees, then the machine delivers a gentle pulsing to the vertebrae until the vertebrae releases and becomes unstuck.

In this second picture you can see the working end of the robot.

It is very non threatening. It can detect motion, or if a bone is not moving, and it can deliver a series of pulses to a stuck bone until it moves. Everything on it can be adjusted to go stronger or weaker, faster, or slower.

The unit fits into the doctors hand like this.

Click Here to See More Of How The Robot Works.

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