Feet, Kids, Etc.

We work with a lot of kids. If someone had sent me to a chiropractor after each major fall I had as a child and adolescent, then I never would have ended up with all of the terrible problems that bothered me over the years. Kids get better super fast. Often kids get better in one tenth of the time it would take to treat an adult.

We also specialize in feet. There was a Dr. Hiss in the 1950's in Los Angeles who did nothing but adjust feet. It is almost a lost art. According to the stories, Dr. Hiss adjusted 500 people a day's feet! He had a student Dr. Brown, who was one of my instructors in chiropractic college. Although feet adjusting is rarely taught in chiropractic college, Dr. Brown gave me excellent training after class in his office on Dr. Hiss's fancy foot work. Bring me your foot, leg and ankle problems that everyone else failed at, and watch what I can do.

What's this I hear about chiropractic fixing things like stomach problems, asthma, and other inside the body kind of problems?

Well I will modestly put it this way. The nerves control every part of the body. If a nerve has pressure on it, then the part of the body the nerve is going to can not work. Chiropractic takes the pressure off of the nerves.

If you are really curious, come to our office and read the hundreds of letters from patients who claim being treated in our office helped them with many, many things.

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