Get Help Now..Or Real Soon :)
This is Our $150 Dollar Coupon - Just print out this page and bring it in.
It entitles you to a brief consultation and brief evaluation by the doctor.
It only can be used for the first initial brief consultation.
Want Help? Here is What To Do...

If you can wait until a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday..
- Call The Office at 858-459-3132
- Just Tell Them You Need Help
- They Will Take Care Of Everything for You

If you simply have a question or two..
- e-mail me at dk(at) Change the (at) to an @
- Ask me any health question you like. I will answer it if I can.
- (Questions regarding returning patients visit times and finance)
- (should be directed to the office at 858-459-3132 as I may not get it in time)

If you need help imediately and we are closed
- Email me, Yes I am serious any time 24 hours a day.
- Send me an e-mail at dk(at)
- I might miss it, but will probably see it within a few hoursr.
- If I am traveling or busy, I might not get back to you for some days.
- I will probably get back to you between imediately and 24 hours.
- There is no charge for me to return an e-mail or to call you.
- There is no promise I will call you back, but I probably will.
- This includes existing patients. If you are having trouble I want to know.
- If you want to see me and it is outside of normal office hours the fee is $500.
- For $500 if it is possible I will cancel my plans and come and take care of you.
- If you have insurance coverage (Car Accident Insurance Usually Covers This)
- then just let me know.

So call the office 858-459-3132, or e-mail me at dk(at)
If I can help you, I will.

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