Review of What You Need To Know by R.

What a wonderful piece of information! And what a way to explain it! The book was indeed learning with fun! The book made me aware of numerous big and small things about my own body. It provided a lucid explanation of the way our body functions and the way our different body parts are inter-related. The book managed to strike a chord with me right at the beginning, where it explained the formation of the human body with the help of some really funny cartoon characters! It is indeed a great way to capture the imagination of readers in the age group of 9 to 90! Page by page, the book unfolded the internal working (and internal wiring) of human body.  

After reading the book, it became clear to me that although it is the brain that controls the functions and responses of the entire body, spine plays a crucial role in facilitating brain's communication with the rest of the body. I was really amazed to know how the spine acts as a carrier of nerves that run through our entire body.

It is true that most of us take our spine for granted. Even I used to do that. But not after reading this book! The book makes it quite clear that one can neglect his spine at his own peril! Misalignment of vertebrae, the building blocks of spine, can lead to all kinds of health problems that can make life a real pain. After reading the book it became obvious how one can end up injuring his spine anywhere and everywhere – at home, at school, at office, on road, on beach and so on. I'm indeed thankful to the author for letting me know that vertebrae can get stuck in each other, thereby jeopardizing the transmission of signals from nerves to various parts of the body. Indeed scary. However, after presenting the readers with a problem, the book offers a solution as well. I was glad to know that specialized help is available for those who suffer from spinal problems. The book made me aware of the wonderful work being done by CHIROPRACTORS, who help people regain control over their body, and their life by realigning their vertebrae. I'm sure the book will go a long way in spreading the word about Chiropractors, which will help more and more people in getting rid of problems caused by misaligned vertebrae. - Ritu

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