Our Staff

These are pictures of our staff past and present.

Roseanna got in trouble at work and had to go to Seaside Jail (again!)

Cait surprising Dr. Klein on his birthday.

Roseanna on the way back after helping fire fighters, and running the office for three days straight with very little sleep.

Dr. Klein helping the firefighters.

Dr. Klein and Robert Drysdale (our patient) and 6X world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Dr. Klein juggling while on Indo Board.

Jenny and Sara.

Dr. Klein feeding and cracking SDPD and National Guard during the fires. (Thanks Kevin at Chipotle for supplying the hundreds of burritos).

Cait about to say something well ......

Cait and Jenny visiting Randy Coutures gym. Dr. Klein is a friend (and a fan) of the family.

Jenny and Cait working on the computer at the Wynn.

Dr. Klein hanging out with and feeding National Guardsmen during the fires. Those aren't grenades, they are Chipotle Burritos.

Super Fajar and Cait

Sara and Jenny.

Roseanna and Ice Cream.

Roseanna and Dr. Klein in San Diegos most advanced fire truck during the fires.

The staff.


Cait, Jenny, and Sara pretending they work for In and Out.

Cait doing a rear naked choke, to one of the greatest fighters in the world, Robert Drysdale.

Emily during her first trip to the Cove!

Cheng Cheng and Roseanna waiting for Sushi to arrive!

Miss Candy Corn Witch Ready To Help You!

Officer Roseanna

Our Rambling Pregnant Gypsy Tracey

Reagan, Kristin, and Jenny at Halloween.

Reagan in her Cat suit.

The staff and some patients after work at the inflatable slide that was at the corner of Bird Rock Ave. and La Jolla Blvd.

Reagan and Derick. Derick went off to Palmer College to become a chiropractor himself.

Kristen and Jenny.

Jenny in her roller blade costume. On Holoween, her and a group of her friends dressed up as a Roller Derby team and rode around the Gas Lamp district .

Sam and DK posing as reighndeer in the headlights.

DK in Mammoth.

Jen (a patient) dk and Marie. (Dr. Klein is actually not that short, ...honestly.

Marie, while she was in accupuncture school.



Brett, Reagan and dk. (This picture was actually not posed, and just came out that way.)

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