Umas review of What You Need To Know book

When Learning is Delightful

It was just half an hour back that I finished going through the e-book ‘What you need to know’ at

When I received the e-mail from Dr Klein asking me to go through the e-book on, I had a very different picture of what I would need to do. I had braced myself to go through a host of complicated data and graphics. I had in fact kept the work for the morning, expecting that I would really have to strain my brain. What I met took me completely by surprise.

A couple of days back, amidst playful banter, I asked my husband “can you spell out one quality that makes greatness?” and he snapped back, “simplicity”. He would have been delighted to see the e-book. It illustrated his point to the T.

If there is something called explaining something from the inside out, this is it, literally. There are no intimidating pictures, no heavy sentences that hang out from nowhere. The book explains the concept of Chiropractic in a lucid way- one thought at a time. From the very basics of what makes cells, it develops into the more complex aspects of how nerves are crucial for the healthy functioning of the body.  All the essential terms are explained, while what the layman doesn’t need to know is ruthlessly eliminated.

My several years of ELT background have taught me a thing or two about educating techniques. You could go on lecturing about a complex topic and show off all your scholarship.  But ninety nine times out of hundred it only makes things seem complicated to the listener. Then there is another way- to break the concept into tiny parts, analyze what is really important and then present those bits to the audience in the right order. It takes a lot of thought and effort to do that, but it drives the point home and learning becomes enjoyable. Thus my experience enabled me to appreciate the thought that went into the making of the book.

I also liked the look of the presentation. The bright cartoonish pictures are cheerful to look at. It seems to say that health and not illness is the natural state of everyone, and that every body has the ability to heal itself naturally without the help of chemical influences. The best part is, as the presentation unfolds, it becomes self evident why taking care of the spine is crucial for every part of the body. I noticed that the book hasn’t wasted another sentence or frame to say it in as many words!

I would sum it up as great integration of thought and form. As taking care of the spine is very important for health, perhaps the book could add a few frames about preventive care- right posture and things like that. Perhaps it is the subject of a whole new book. I would love to see more such information there.

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