Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When did Seaside Chiropractic open?

A: Dr. Klein opened the office in March of 1992 with just a diploma, a portable chiropractic table, and a bucket of paint. The office has actually been a chiropractic office since the 1950's.

Q: Is this going to hurt? Really? Are you sure?

A: For 95% of patients, there is no pain during the adjustment, and a little soreness the next day, like you worked out a little too much. About 5% of patients may feel a tiny sharp pain during the treatment that lasts for about 1 second, and then disappears.

Q: Is this really safe?

A: Chiropractic is extremely safe. During the past decade at Seaside Chiropractic Dr. Klein has done over 500,000 chiropractic adjustments. No one has ever been injured, and we have never had a single malpractice case. In fact Dr. Klein's malpractice insurance is around a thousand dollars per year, less than his auto insurance!

Q: But my medical doctor says that his won't help, and it may be dangerous.

A: To answer this politely , I am on staff at UCSD school of medicine. As far as we can tell, this is only the second time in the U.S. that a chiropractor has been on staff at a medical school. Many medical doctors have received little or no training in chiropractic, and have very little idea how it works. If you have read this entire website you know a lot about chiropractic and can make a good decision for yourself. We actually have many medical doctors as patients in our office. We also receive many referrals from medical doctors.

Q: What about my arthritis.

A: Bones lay down new bone to support themselves. If bones are out of alignment then they lay down new bone in funny directions. Misaligned bones are often the cause of arthritis. Chiropractic will not hurt arthritis, and in many cases patients report that it has helped them tremendously.

Q: What about my 80 year old mother, grandma, etc.

A: Older people are much harder to treat than the under 70 crowd. The longer the bones have been stuck, the more stuck they become. Older people will need to realize if they come in that it will take them much longer to improve, and the improvements will not be as dramatic. Even though I said that, I am convinced that I saved the life of my 93 year old grandmother. For that story you have to ask me in person, because if I put it on the website people would really think I was crazy.

Q: What about herniated discs?

A: Many times the herniation seen on an MRI is not actually the cause of your pain. Also a disc can not ever heal properly if the bones are stuck together around it. We have worked on hundreds of cases of people with herniated discs. We have had many people cancel their back surgeries, because chiropractic fixed the problem before the surgery took place. We actually have special equipment in our office to treat herniated discs, and a treatment designed by Dr. Klein that has been getting amazing results.

Q: Why isn't there more research proving chiropractic.

A: There really is a lot of research, and if you come to the office we can give you copies. Most drug research is paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. There are no deep pockets in chiropractic to pay for a lot of research.

Q: O.K. you sold me, but how much is this going to cost?

A: Call the office and tell them you want a get to know the doctor visit at no charge. We will go over the finances with you at that time. If you need help with finances tell us, we may be able to help you out.

Q: I heard that once you go, you always have to go.

A: Most people have such amazing improvements with chiropractic, that they make the decision to keep their spine in great shape for the rest of their lives, and that their friends, family and kids need the same thing. There is nothing done with chiropractic that makes you need more, other than showing you how good you can feel. It is kind of like saying once you go to the dentist, you always have to go.

Q: What school did Dr. Klein go to?

A: Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Q: What other random information can you tell me about Dr. Klein?

A: He is from Los Angeles, was an ocean lifeguard in Laguna Beach, has been a lifetime surfer, and a professional Skim Boarder, is happily married to a cute little Norwegian.

Q: What are your staff like?

A: Most of our staff are intelligent, energetic, very highly trained, are the brightest nicest people you will ever meet, and care deeply about our purpose to help others.

Q: So what do I need to do to come in?

A: Give us a call, tell us you read the website, and want us to check your spine out for FREE! 858-459-3132

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