Doctor's Right Arm and Receptionist

It is a pleasure to meet you!

We are Seaside Chiropractic and if you click around on the links on this page, you can find out who we are.

We are looking for someone sharp, happy and full of life to join our group to help others and make this world a better place.

We need either one full-time person, or two part-time staff members.

The first half of the position is for the doctor's right arm. This person will help Dr. Klein with all kinds of random tasks!

It can include anything from talking to other doctors and handling money, to getting gas or getting the Land Cruiser and surfboard washed! Be prepared to face a pile of papers, handle a cell phone like a six shooter, pick up the lunch, take care of the orchids, and be back in 15 minutes!

The second half of the position is for our receptionist. This person actually does much, much more than reception, but the name we use for it won't make sense until you see the job. This person does the usual reception activities, answering the phone, handling mail etc., but they also help with hiring, keeping the office in order, inventory, and dozens of other tasks.

Who would you be working with? Some of the finest individuals you have ever met :)

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