Case Manager and Patient Educator
Oh my gosh! I was so impressed when I met you. Totally blown away! You had such an amazing presence.

Our patients were thrilled you when you were teaching them more about chiropractic and motivating them to take care of their health.

Your ability to listen just left me speechless. I felt so comfortable in your presence.

When you did speak, it made so much sense. You were clear and skillful with your words. You weren’t trying to impress me, you just did!

I could tell how much you care about others. It showed in everything you did and said. I look so hard to find someone who cares about others as much as you do. And WOW!

When I taught you those communication skills, you just learned them and put them into effect immediately, as if you had been doing them your whole life.

When we taught you about chiropractic so you could teach others, you ate it up, and came back for more!

Our team, Jo, Roseanna, Fajar, Cheng Cheng, Orie, and Randy can barely wait for you to join us.

I’m glad you agreed when I said you will be working with the finest individuals you have ever met!

I am so very, very glad that you took the time to meet us! I can’t wait for you to start. In fact I want you to start immediately!

O.K., so lets rewind back to right now!
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