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To use the thing, the doctor places the soft tips of the tool gently against the patients spine, one bone at a time. The soft tip of the tool does one gentle push of 15 pounds.

The tool records how stuck or loose the bone is, and displays the information on the computer screen. The process of being checked out by this machine is extremely comfortable, and takes minutes.

If you look at this next picture, you will see a stack of bars of different lengths. Each bar represents one of the vertebrae. A short bar means the robot felt more motion there. A long bar means the robot felt less motion at that point. A long bar usually means the bone is stuck.

The chiropractor can change the robots settings. This next picture shows where the chiropractor can change the maximum number of pulses the tool does before it automatically turns off. That is the Count setting you see at the top of the picture.

The next area down in this picture is where the force is adjusted. The force can be set from anywhere from 5 pounds of force up to 35 pounds of force. The 5 pounds of force can barely be felt. It is used on infants, or people who are in tremendous amounts of pain, or those who are tremendously sensitive to touch.

The third setting is for the rate at which the pulses come. It can even be set to automatic, where the machine adjusts how often it pushes based on what it feels is going on.

The very first time I got adjusted by this robot, "taka, taka, taka, taka, taka, taka, taka Click!" It was done. My neck was moving, and I had a smile from ear to ear.

Ever since I bought it, and have been getting fixed myself by the robot, my neck has been doing so much better it is unbelievable.

Bottom line if you have ever been afraid to be adjusted,
if chiropractic hurts you,
if you have a bone that is hard for your chiropractor to move,
then please stop by and check it out.
I will be happy to give you a demonstration of it at no charge.
If you like it, you can stick around and become a patient!

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