Squid Face Pillow

This is a facinating product that I came across.

One day while searching through the outer edges of the internet, I came across this thing that seemed totally bizare.

I have learned not to judge that which I do not understand. It looked like a massage chair face pillow, but it has tentacles. I could not figure out what it was.

As I read more, the inventor talked about how it was designed to help neck tension. As I have battled with neck tension and pain my whole life, I am always up for a new tool to help with the battle.

I e-mailed the maker of the squidface, with also has a sister product the comfyrest pillow. He sent me the squidface so I could try it.

He told me that when his neck hurts, he sleeps on it and when he wakes up his neck feels better. I tried this when my neck was really hurting one day. It was not super duper comfortable to fall asleep on, but it did traction my neck in a unique way. When I woke up, sure enough the neck pain was gone.

I also tried it in some other ways too. When I am not around a chiropractic table, it is often difficult for someone to adjust my thoracic vertebrae. If you try to get adjusted, or massaged, without a real table designed for that, then it can be very uncomfortable to turn your neck.

What I found, was that for me, I can lay face down on this thing, and have someone work on me much more comforably, than just on a hard floor. No medical advice here about getting massaged or getting a chiropractic adjustment, just a more comfortable way to lay face down on a hard floor.

Now here is the use that for me actually turned out to be the most useful. If you are a reader of my site, you know that from time to time I still can get headaches. A strange phenomenae of my current headaches, is that they often hurt when I wake up in the morning, when I am lying down. Then if I stand up they are gone, but then if I lie down they come back

This is a lousy trick to happen to you if you have not gotten enough sleep yet. I guarantee that someone out ther besides me will be looking for a solution about headaches while lying down, or some such thing.

So I tried using the Squidface in one of its many unique positions. I sat on the couch, with the back of my head on the squid face pillow with the two tentacle arms wraped around my neck and crossed in front.

The most amazing thing happened. First my neck imediately began to get really warm. There are a lot of blood vessels that heat up your neck naturally, so with the pads protecting my neck, it began to warm up really fast. This warmth is a wonderful feeling when I have a stiff neck and headache.

The other thing that happened was that for the first time in my life, sitting up my head stayed at the center with no effort, and I was able to fall asleep. The thing is too big, or it would be perfect to take on an airplane.

I was then able to fall back asleep, comfortably sitting up, and wake up with no headache. Hmmm... neat trick! I am not getting paid a cent for this write up. I just thought the product is cool. I am sure some moron will figure out a way to get hurt using it, so I will include my usual disclaimer that you should talk to your doctor first before considering buying one, but it is really hard to hurt yourself with a soft tery cloth covered pillow.

The only word of warning is that one side of it is reinforced with something hard that feels like plywood or strong plastic. At one point I was swinging it by the tentacle and just thought of it as a cushy pillow and whacked myself where it hurts :) Don't do that, I was a moron, and like I said, some moron will figure out a way to hurt themselves with it.

Although I could not find a money back guarantee on the website, they are very inexpensive and the guy who makes them is very friendly and I am sure will want you to be happy. They only cost 30 bucks with an 8 dollar shipping charge.

So again, I don't make or sell Squidface. I am not giving anyone advice about them, just my own experience. I bet for someone though, it will be a life saver!

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