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As you may know from reading this site, I have battled neck pain to one degree or another my entire life. Chiropractic got rid of about ninety percent of the neck pain. To keep the other ten percent at bay, there are a series of things I must do. One of them is to sleep on a Tempur Pedic pillow every night, even when I travel. Yep, I take it with me when I travel. I find though, contrary to what they advertise, that after a while the foam compresses, and I need to replace my pillow. I don't care though. It is such a lifesaver, that I would buy a new one every week if I had to. You can buy them at Tempur Pedic's site. Make sure wherever you buy it, that if you get the wrong thickness, you can exchange it for a thicker or thinner one. It is my opinion that the few people I have talked to who did not like their tempurpedic pillow, did not get the right thickness of pillow, or did not make it through the first few days when it breaks in. Talk to the place you purchase if from, but I know that some places allow you to guess on the right thickness, then keep the pillow in the plastic, put it in your pillow case, and sleep on it that way, that way if it does not fit you, you can return it.

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