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Nasal Cups

What are Nasal Cups? Well, a Nasal Cup is a simple natural care system that helps you in conditions like chronic sinusitis and other upper respiratory ailments. It is derived from a 5000 years old technique called Neti Pot. What you do is very simple. Using the Neti Pot, you cleanse the nasal cavities with a mild solution of salt.

Why do we need to cleanse our nasal cavities? The air that surrounds us today is unfortunately filled with many unhealthy substances. Dust, chemical fumes and allergens are all found in the air we breathe. These are found everywhere- on the roads, at the workplace and even at home through the chemical dyes and cleaning agents we use. These substances reach our respiratory system through the nose and cause many difficulties. Allergies, colds, flu and sinusitis are some of them.

Now our nose is equipped to manage these disturbances to some extent. The nose produces a mucous layer on its walls. This and the fine hairs inside the nose together hold the allergens and other bad substances. Thus they are stopped from reaching the inner body. Sometimes, when the air has too much of pollutants, it causes the nose to produce excessive mucous and this and the pollutants together block the nose. These are not helpful conditions for the proper working of the nose. Cleaning and irrigating our nostrils regularly helps to keep the mucous layer of the nose working properly.

The nasal cup is a natural and inexpensive way to clear the nasal cavities of pollutants from the air, allergens and excessive mucous. It also helps to maintain the moisture level of the nasal cavities. This way, your upper respiratory health improves and you are more immune to allergies, sinusitis, congestion, colds and flu. Your breathing improves and you are able to steer clear of expensive and often harmful drugs in many cases.

The Nasal Cup is very easy to use. You need to fill the pot with warm saline solution and bring its spout to one of the nostrils. Place the spout in such a way that the solution flows gently into the nostrils. The solution flows through the nostril, and enters the other nostril through the nasal cavity, and then flows out. The solution this way washes away mucous, allergens and other unwanted particles from the nose.

Here are the specifics of use. Before use, make sure to wash the nasal cup so as to clean any dust that may have settled in. The water has to be warm and clean. You can use either distilled, spring or filtered water. A quarter teaspoon would be an appropriate amount to dissolve in the water. While the solution is inside nostrils, you should avoid inhaling. After the water circulates through nostrils, blow your nose without closing nostrils. This might need some practice. Repeat the wash process on the other nostril. Rinse the nasal cup thoroughly after each use. Ideally, you should do the wash process daily.

The best thing about nasal cups is that they are inexpensive and non-invasive. There are no harmful substances used inside the nose. If you keep the level of salt at the recommended level, it is very safe for the sensitive layer of mucous inside the nose. It is safe even for small kids. In the US, nasal cups are available in both plastic and ceramic models.

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