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Dr. David Klein has long been considered to be the top La Jolla Chiropractor for a long time, for many reasons. You will not find another La Jolla Chiropractor who has put as much of their heart, sweat and tears into their practice. Being a La Jolla chiropractor is demanding due to the high end clientele and their demand for flawless care, and exceptional customer service. Our office has worked hard to meet and exceed the expectations that our clientele demand of a La Jolla Chiropractor.
Please read through the rest of the site, and then call us at 858-459-3132 and meet the La Jolla chiropractor, who became the second chiropractor in the world to be on staff at a medical school.

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Dr. David Klein
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5668 La Jolla Blvd.
La Jolla, California

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